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Life After Death

Get in survival game created by MoStudios available soon in steam store.

Release date will be 17/09/2022

Here you will get news and updates for the game so stay tune.


Life After Death will release soon at Epic Games Store stay tune and start filling the wishlists!!!

Release date will be 30/04/2023




Life After Death Updates log:

Next goal is approximate to release 1/11/2022:

– v0.1b –

First release of game only for development purposes

– v0.1.7b –

This will be first release version at steam store!

Moved Lamp from crafting bench weapons to crafting bench tools

Fixed Cooler crafting

Added steam sessions

– v0.1.8b –

More loot distributed in diferent zones

AK47 and M4 Weapon fix

Respawn fix

Sound attenuation add

Quest bug fix

Save system improved

– v0.1.9b –

Water bottle, Health drink, Beans, Apple now can be staked

Fix 2 bugs in quests

– v0.1.9.1b –

Drink zone adjusted

Added horse swim animations and sounds

Water waves adjusted

Added new Megabackpack with 200Kg capacity and can be crafted at tools workbench

– v0.1.9.2b –

Adjusted time of day will be shorter day time

Added Ink that could be crafted in craftingbench house and for now can paint doors in 5 different colors

– v0.1.9.3b –

Some level of detail changed to improve performance

Motion Blur removed from project

– v0.2.0.0b –

Some npc fixes for better spawning

Save system fixes (Some saves got corrupted when character dies)

Added Tame system now you can tame one wolf companion with cooked meat

Added commands to wolf follow, attack , guard, etc

Fix to some zones make damage

– v0.2.0.1b –

Added animations to feed and command tame

Added fishes

Added Fishing system and sound

Added explosion sound Fixed some bugs in quests

– v0.2.0.2b –

Added underwater suffocation (starting implementing vitals system)

Fixes to Ammo spawner in ctiy buildings

– v0.2.0.3b –

Various horse fixes including network replication

Network replication fix to damage indicator

– v0.2.0.4b –

Fixed Gunpowder not spawning correctly

Fixed Ammo 5.56mm not spawning correctly

Fixed hold items not network replicating

– v0.2.0.5b –

Fixes to skills UI

Added sound to inventory UI

Changed lightning for performance and less cpu load

Fixed a bug when drag the pistol and shotgun to inventory

Fixed a bug when spawning appear the oxygen UI

Added Bleed damage to some weapons

Fixed some network replication for tamed wolf

Changed torch light for more ilumination

P.S. Night will be darker  (you will need torch light)

– v0.2.0.6b –

Fixed dot sight

Fixed crafting bench tools not spawning

Adjustment in time of day cycle

Fixed shirt spawning coat

– v0.2.0.7b –

Fixed Megabackpack rigging

Some day night changes

Fixed spawning of mask

– v0.2.0.8b –

Added loading screen

Added tips and hints in basic quests and loading screen

– v0.2.0.9b –

Fixed movie intro

– v0.2.1.0b –

Day/Night cycle lowered speed

Lightning changes

Scope adjusted

– v0.2.1.1b –

Added Vending machines at empty houses to buy storage furniture to houses

Added Furniture 

Fixed texture of scope 

– v0.2.1.2b –

Fixed pistol drawing to backpack

Changed values to armour

– v0.2.1.3b –

Added Temperature to vitals 

Basic vitals system concluded now you will need go to water or drink water or eat berries to get cold and if in water get hot with torch or near furnace or campfire.

– v0.2.1.4b –

Fixed a bug when unexpected temperature drops and value don’t change

Adjusted gloves, coat and shirt to first person view

– v0.2.1.5b –

Skills features added now when you are at survivor level 25 your health double and during the agility and power skills raise your thirst and hunger damage reduce. You can always spend skill points to other effects like power skill points can buy skills to damage more npc and agility skill can move you faster

Added some armour changes

– v0.2.1.7b –

Some game optimizations

Included Nvidia DLSS and And Fidelity FX and RTXGI if you have drivers updated and support of your graphics card it will enable by default.

UI bug overlaping in Inventory fix.

– v0.2.1.8b –

Added Hit reaction animation

Added Punch and new weapon brass knuckles

– v0.2.2.0b –

More loot distributed in different zones

Farming System added you can now have plants to make health drinks

Seeds are at industrial zone after military camp

3 types of plants added

1 farm planter added in crafting bench tools

– v0.2.2.1b –

Added Sniper

Added Sniper Bullets

Added straw to resources to make Planter

– v0.2.2.2b –

Fix to Furnace placing and Camp fire placing

– v0.2.2.3b –

Fix to Resolution scale cutoff

– v0.2.2.4b –

Added Ballistic to surfaces

Fix Ammo Sniper

Added Ballistic System Ready

– v0.2.2.5b –

Replaced plants by seeds at industrial zones

– v0.2.3.0b –

Added animations for skinning dead body and collect

– v0.2.3.1b –

Fix for a better collect animation